Betty Seaver is a teenager that resides in Harmony Falls.


In 1958, Betty and her boyfriend Tommy Fuller went drag racing with some friends on the wooded roads outside of Harmony Falls. When Tommy accidentally crashed and the car ended up veering off the side of the road, the couple stumbled upon a glowing meteor and were approached by Vandal Savage.

Later, after Tommy and his friends were captured by Savage and turned into hawk-like creatures, Betty met Jefferson Jackson, with whom she went on a date as she believed that Tommy was missing and never coming back. However, Savage temporarily allowed Tommy to roam the town in his hawk form, and upon discovering Betty and Jax, he attacked them and slashed Betty's throat with his talons, causing her to bleed. The pair managed to escape, although Jax was captured by Bud Ellison at Savage's behest while Betty was taken from her car to the Waverider, where she was healed by Gideon.

After Tommy was returned to his previous form, he was reunited with Betty and the two resumed their relationship.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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