Beth Breen is the corrupt former CFO of Spheerical Industries; she was arrested for two accounts of murder, and conspiracy for using the Biomax nanobots to control the late Jack Spheer against his free will.


Beth worked with Jack Spheer as the Chief Financial Officer of his company. When Jack tried to perfect the Biomax nanobots, he saw that there was a nasty side effect that had the subjects lose all free will. He wanted to shut down the program but Beth knew that if he did then they would be ruined. She used the tech to take control of Jack, whose body had fused with the Biomax, and make him the perfect figurehead as they claimed that the Biomax nanobots were now perfected and ready for distribution.

They went to National City to launch their campaign with a press filled presentation. However, Beth saw that there were leaks within the company that tried to go to both Kara Danvers and Snapper Carr to expose the fact that the Biomax wasn't safe to use. She controlled Jack and had him kill both Joe Watkins and Derrick Simmons before they divulge the truth to Kara and Snapper respectively. Kara had gone to Lena Luthor about what was happening and she went to confront Jack. However, she saw that Jack didn't know what she was talking about and saw that he was an unwilling tool and that the real culprit was Beth. Beth told Lena that Jack's actions weren't financially responsible and had to step in and do what needed to be done to save the company. Lena thought Beth was going to kill her but Beth said that also wasn't financially responsible. She was going to have Jack inject Lena with the Biomax to control her as well and, through her, L-Corp to further the Biomax program. However, Supergirl had shown up, after more digging around and realizing Beth's hand in all of the deaths, to stop her. Beth commanded for Jack to attack Supergirl as the Biomax swarm while she was confronted by Lena, whom she kicked at the mid-section when the latter came at Breen; then, thinking she could overpower Lena easily with Supergirl preoccupied with the swarm, Beth boasts at having achieved a black belt degree. But Lena stands by being "a Luthor" and proceeds to promptly prove the other woman wrong, easily knocking her out of the way and moved to disable the Biomax. However, Beth warned her that the nanobots had fused with Jack and disabling it would kill him but Jack called out for Lena to do it. Knocking Beth down once more Lena disabled the Biomax and Beth was sent to jail to answer for her crimes. Snapper Carr then published an article in Catco Magazine that exposed all of Beth's actions to the public.


  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Beth is a blackbelt which makes her a capable fighter. Although she was taken down rather quickly by Lena Luthor in single combat.



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