"Beebo hungry."
"And your god hungers for battle!"
Beebo and Freydís

"Beebo the God of War" is the ninth episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow and the forty-second episode overall. It aired on December 5, 2017.


Rattled by recent events, the Legends dive into work which finds them investigating an Anachronism in a Viking settlement in the New World. The Legends realize that the Norsemen are worshipping an artifact as their god and are surprised by the artifact’s origin. For the first time, Sara is worried that they might need back up when Damien Darhk shows up. Meanwhile, Jax finds a loophole that could potentially change history, but it is a risk he is willing to take. Elsewhere Leo Snart bets Mick Rory not drink for 48 hours.



Preparation ran from October 3 until October 12, 2017. Shooting began on October 13 and ran until October 25, 2017.[1]


  • The fictional Beebo craze that takes place in 1992 is similar to the real-life Tickle Me Elmo craze in 1996.
  • When Martin attempts to procure a Beebo doll with a bow, music from Arrow can be heard in the background.
  • This episode contains several references to the Back to the Future trilogy.
    • Martin exclaims "Great Scott!" after being time-displaced, possibly a reference to the phrase commonly spoken by the time traveler Doc Brown in these films.
    • When Jax requests that Martin open a letter on a specific date, the latter claims to have seen Back to the Future, referencing the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II, in which Emmett Brown has a letter saved for 70 years by the postal service for Marty McFly to open on a specific date at a specific time, detailing how his sudden disappearance was the result of time travel, having sent him back in time.
      • This may also be a reference to the first Back to the Future film, where Marty seemingly witnesses Doc's murder in 1985, accidentally goes back to 1955, and gives 1955 Doc a letter containing details about the latter's future, which he says Doc shouldn't open until 1985.
        • Despite having seen the film, older Stein has previously claimed not to have known who Doc Brown was. This may be the result of a side effect of the aberration older Stein caused which led to Lily's birth. However, he expresses a dislike of the film, indicating he may simply have forgotten details of the movie.
  • Zari and Jax play Mortal Kombat II, playing as Mileena and Jax Briggs, respectively.
  • Leo Snart has joined the Legends as of this episode.
  • Voiced by Ray Palmer, Beebo praises Jesus Christ as the one true God, while also saying that his godhood doesn't mean that science or evolution aren't real. This is coincidentally the case in their universe, which has God, angels and demons coexisting with dinosaurs and meta-humans.
  • Young Martin is seen shopping from "Toys Are We", a reference to the Toys "R" Us toy shop.
  • John Constantine says to Sara that he saved her soul, referring to the events of Arrow's "Haunted".
  • When Zari blows him with wind, Darhk sarcastically asks, "What, are you going to huff and puff till you blow my house in?" This is a clear reference to the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs, in which the antagonist, the Big Bad Wolf, huffs and puffs to blow two of the pigs' houses away.
  • As of this episode Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz and Franz Drameh are the only actors/actresses to appear in every episodes.
  • In this episode Ava Sharpe hinted that she is not interested in men.


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