"Halt! It is I, Beebo, risen from the grave."
"Like Christ himself."
"Yes, Jesus is the one true God, which doesn't mean science or evolution isn't real. Anyway, you need to return to Greenland, which, um, will soon be melting, thanks to global warming, which is also real."
—Beebo, voiced by Ray Palmer, speaks to Leif Eriksson and his vikings[src]

Beebo was a fictional character that was part of the "Cuddle Me Beebo" toy brand. A toy of Beebo, carried by young Martin Stein, was trapped in an anachronism, creating a time aberration of New Valhalla, due to Beebo becoming the Blue God worshipped by vikings, who started an early conquest of Vinland, North America.


Toys Are We interior

Cuddle Me Beebo brand promotion.

The "Cuddle Me Beebo" toy craze took over Central City and other American cities by 1992. A Beebo toy was sought ought by Martin Stein, who was searching for a Hanukkah present for his daughter, Lily Stein. Using his knowledge of physics and archery skills, Martin managed to get the last toy in the Toys Are We store and escaped a crowd of unhappy customers. Caught up with an anachronism, Stein teleported to Vinland, 1000 A.D., where he was chased by a rabble of angry vikings. [1]

The vikings captured Stein and held him prisoner for a week, while worshiping the toy as a God of War, fascinated by its weird looks and ability to talk when it was cuddled, or its tummy caressed. At first, the vikings thought that only Martin could make Beebo talk, but it soon became clear that his translations were not what Leif's sister wanted to hear. Freydis usurped Stein's position as "Beebo's priest" and twisted Beebo's words for her own agenda. Thinking the toy's simple words of "Beebo hungry", "Beebo thirsty" and "Beebo loves you" divine messages, the viking leaders came to a religious impasse. Leif Eriksson wanted the vikings to come back to Greenland, swayed by the words of Christian monks. Meanwhile, Freydis Eriksdottir considered Beebo's messages to be a sign that vikings should conquer Vinland.[1]

Freydis's victory would result in the aberration timeline of New Valhalla, with a Norse-controlled North America. The aberration was swiftly settling in due to Beebo's appearance being a Level 12 anachronism, with Ava Sharpe ending up celebrating Beebo Day instead of Christmas. The Legends arrived to Leif's Yuletide celebration feast to stop the anachronism, posing as fellow warriors to the vikings. When Mick Rory tried to steal Beebo from the vikings, he was distracted by booze offered to the little Blue God and was caught by the vikings. When they tried to sacrifice him to "feed" Beebo, the pyre was swiftly put down by Leo Snart. Dumbfounded at the miracle, the vikings were momentarily swayed by Ava Sharpe to think that Beebo spared Rory, but were angered when they saw Amaya Jiwe escape with the puppet at hand. The vikings jumped into battle with the Legends, trying to get Beebo back. Angered by all this tomfoolery, Mick Rory burned the Beebo toy with his Heat Gun, saying that he hates puppets. With the toy's last words being about it wanting cuddles, Leif Eriksson convinced Freydis Eriksdottir that Beebo was a false god with false promises.[1]

Beebo praises Jesus, science and evolution

Beebo, propelled and voiced by Ray Palmer, praises Jesus, science and evolution.

The Legends expected the fall of Beebo to be the end of the anachronism, but now Ava reported that Odin Day was saved instead of Christmas. Everybody was dumbfounded until they witnessed Damien Darhk and Nora Darhk arriving, posing as Odin and a Valkyrie, demanding worship and conquest and using powers of electric projection. Now with the Darhks as the main threat to the timeline once again, the Legends formulated a plan that would allow to restore the worship of Jesus Christ to the vikings. For that, they used another Beebo toy, which was levitated and voiced by the Atom, hidden in his minimized form inside the toy and speaking through a voice modulator. With Leif now astonished at Beebo rising from the grave like Jesus, the Atom used this moment to encourage the vikings to believe in Jesus Christ, science and evolution.[1]

The Legends' actions allowed to prevent the New Valhalla aberration, restoring order to the timeline. With the team now in peace, Jefferson Jackson came to the year 1992 to speak with Martin Stein. He congratulated Martin and Clarissa with Hanukkah and gifted Beebo as a present to little Lily Stein.[1]


Beebo, the fictional character, was depicted as lovable, huggable, docile creature, asking for cuddles, love, food and drinks. As the Blue God, his words were interpreted by the vikings as commands of conquest and sacrifice. As portrayed by Ray Palmer, Beebo encouraged belief in Jesus, science and evolution.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Flight (masqueraded): Ray Palmer used his A.T.O.M. Exosuit to give Beebo the appearance of a flying holy entity.[1]
  • Resurrection (masqueraded): Ray Palmer used his A.T.O.M. Exosuit and a new Beebo toy to make the vikings think that Beebo was resurrected.[1]


  • Facial expression imitation: As a robotic toy, Beebo was able to imitate speech and limited facial expressions such as mouth flaps and winks.[1]


  • Fire: Beebo was easily flammable.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • The fictional Beebo craze that takes place in 1992, is similar to the real-life Tickle Me Elmo craze in 1996, and Cabbage Patch Kid in 1983.
  • In DC Comics continuity there is a Kryptonian monkey known as Beppo, associated with Superman and able to use powers similar to adult Kryptonians. Notably, it was reference in an episode of the comedy TV series "The Colbert Report", in which Colbert named Beppo "God's chimp, of whom all chimps are made in His likeness".


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