Bastian Strayd is a Valerian refugee from Starhaven and the brother of Lyra Strayd.


Arrival on Earth

Bastian and his sister Lyra came to Earth after leaving Starhaven due to a ten year war. They were locked below deck for six weeks before they arrived on Earth.[1]

Working for a gang

Bastian eventually started working for a gang. They had him and his sister use their species' inability to be seen in security cameras and photos to conduct heists on valuable art. However the gang imprisoned Bastian after they though he wasn't pulling his weight. Lyra agreed to clear his debt and conned Winn Schott to steal the Starry Night from the National City Art Gallery. However, Alex Danvers and James Olsen intervened and took the painting when Lyra attempted to frame Winn. Because of this, Lyra told Winn that the gang would kill Bastian if the painting wasn't sold to their buyer, Mandrax. With the D.E.O.'s help, they set up a sting operation with a fake painting. They arrested Mandrax and the gang members and freed Bastian from their control. Bastian and Lyra then left National City. [1]



Season 2


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