"Why did you bring us here?"
"I didn't bring you anywhere. We're inside your heads. You created this world. And we got lucky because it could have been a war movie or a a space opera, but thanks to your love of musicals, with the countless times you watched, um, 'Wizard of Oz' - with your adoptive parents - And, you, all those rainy nights watching Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra with Mom. Well, where else would we be?
Barry Allen and Music Meister[src]

Barry and Kara's Musical Reality was created when Music Meister "whammied" Supergirl, when Kara was immediately told to sing a song on stage while Music Meister then "whammied" The Flash, sending him into the same reality.

In this reality individuals tend to spontaneously break into song and dance, much like a in a Musical, having been created from Kara's love of The Wizard of Oz, and Barry's love of the musical genre in general, though as he notes, seems very much like West Side Story.


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