"It's a portable planetarium.
"It's a compass."
"Compasses generally lead to something."
"Indeed. Have you gentlemen heard of the Spear of Destiny?
—The Legion of Doom discussing what the amulet does

The Askaran Amulet, also called the Longinus Medallion, was an ancient Judeo-Christian artifact composed of two pieces. Gideon's specs on the artifact identified it as originating from the first century AD, and indicated it had some sort of occult power. When Eobard Thawne put the two components of the amulet together, he revealed it to be a means to locate the Spear of Destiny.


In 1942, time-traveller Eobard Thawne made an agreement with Baron Krieger to trade the amulet for a super serum to create Nazi super soldiers. The Legends and the Justice Society of America infiltrated Folies-Bergére, a Parisian nightclub, discerning that Krieger had the amulet. They intercepted Krieger and the Nazis at the Fontainebleau Forest and retrieve the amulet. Later at the JSA headquarters, Reverse-Flash arrived, killing Rex Tyler and taking the amulet.[1] In 1987, Sara Lance got the second part of the amulet from Damien Darhk.[2] In 1927, Malcolm Merlyn, some of Al Capone's men, and Eobard invaded the Waverider and got the part back. Eobard later combined both pieces to reveal a miniature planetarium saying that it was the key to locating the Spear of Destiny.[3] The Legends recovered the Amulet soon after, along with the first fragment of the Spear of Destiny, but Rip Hunter was kidnapped by Eobard Thawne.[4] After recovering the amulet, Ray Palmer and Lily Stein successfully integrated the amulet's data with the memory systems of the Waverider, allowing Gideon to analyze the data.[5] It was finally destroyed by Rip Hunter, while he was under mind alteration by the Legion of Doom, during his brief escape from the brig of Waverider. After having been freed and cured by Sara, Jax and Gideon, Rip rejoined the Legends and revealed where and when Henry Heywood/Commander Steel and the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny were located.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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