The Artemis suit is the protective suit worn by Evelyn Sharp when she is patrolling as the vigilante Artemis.


The suit was created shortly after Evelyn joined Team Arrow. The suit consists of a green shirt with a hood attached to it along with a black jacket, black pants, and a black/dark green mask to hide her identity. The black on the suit helps her hide in the shadows better so she can sneak up on her enemies. It's unknown who made the suit, but it can be presumed due to the clothing that the suit consists of that Evelyn used some of her ordinary clothing and added upgrades.


Sometime after her first mission, the suit was upgraded with a bow and quiver of arrows, making the suit similar to the Green Arrow's.

Last use of the suit

Evelyn stopped using the Artemis suit after joining Adrian Chase and betraying Team Arrow.


  • Identity concealment: Evelyn uses a black/dark green mask to conceal her identity. 
  • Quiver: During its use by Evelyn, the suit has a dual strap quiver, for the user to carry their arrows in.


  • There is a debate on whether or not Evelyn's mask is indeed a mask and not eye paint, from far away shots it looks like a mask but when there's a close up of her face it looks like eye paint. However, it was confirmed to be a mask when Evelyn was killed in an altered reality and the mask was on display in a trophy case.



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