The Arsenal suit (later known as the Speedy suit) is a protective suit designed and created by Lodai to be utilized by Roy Harper as Arsenal. It was later used by Thea Queen as Speedy; until she retired from vigilantism.


Original suit


Roy using the Arsenal suit

The suit originally just consisted of Roy's favorite red hoodie and a mask, a quiver, a bow and arrows. But sometime after Slade Wilson was defeated and imprisoned on Lian Yu by Oliver Queen, John Diggle visited Lodai and requested he make another vigilante suit, similar to Oliver's, with a number of differences for Roy Harper. It is unknown what materials it is made from; with the exception of kevlar, it also seems to resemble the suits worn by his mentors, Oliver as the Arrow, and Sara Lance as the Canary.

After the suit was confiscated by the Starling City Police Department, Malcolm Merlyn managed to retrieve it. It was then given to Thea Queen to give to Roy, though Roy decided to give the suit to Thea before leaving once again.[1]



Thea using the Arsenal suit

Thea modified and donned the suit to stop the League of Assassins from releasing a lethal toxin. Afterwards, Oliver christened her as Starling City's newest protector and named her Speedy.[2]


After Thea got kidnapped by the Dominators, the status of the suit remained unknown. However, after she escaped, she got a new, similar suit in the fabrication room of the Waverider.


  • Identity concealment: Both Roy Harper and Thea Queen used a red mask to conceal their identities and to keep their friends and families safe from harm.
  • Kevlar: The suit is lined with kevlar to prevent gunshots wounds to the user.
  • Scabbard: After Thea started using the suit, behind her quiver she put a scabbard, used to hold her sword.
  • Knife holster: During its use by Roy, there was a knife holster on the back of his waist, as well as on on his left hip. Once Thea took ownership of the suit, one of the knife holsters moved to her lower left leg, the other was removed.
  • Quiver: During its use by both Roy and Thea, the suit has a dual strap quiver, for the user to carry their arrows in.
  • Eskrima stick holsters: During its use by Roy Harper, the suit had 2 holsters for eskrima sticks on his lower legs. After Thea started using the suit, the holsters are no longer there.
  • Throwing knives: The suit has 4 throwing knives strapped round the thigh.

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