Anne "Annie" Marie Flynn is a former member of the Newcastle Crew and a nun of the Catholic Church in Mexico City. She is also the ex-lover of John Constantine.


New Castle Crew

Anne Marie met John when they were both teenagers. She was the one who introduced him to the world of Occult and helped him study Magic while also researching on Magic with John's help. They ultimately started to became lovers although it was only a one night stand before he broke it up, but they still remained good friends.

However, her relationship with John would be damaged when she was present when John unintentionally damned Astra's soul to Hell. Anne was traumatized by this, so she became a nun, in order to pay for her sins. Since the incident she grew a strong hatred towards John to the point that she swore to kill him if she saw him again. She also blames herself for introducing John to magic.

Meeting John Again

Anne Marie was taking care of Martina and her newborn boy Diego when she was killed and Diego was kidnapped by a force unknown to her. Left with no choice she uses a Bilocation Spell to contact John and demanded he went to Mexico and help her solve the problem. Next day later, John arrives to her church with Zed and after hugging Chas, then talks to John privately. In the talk, Anne expressed her anger at John when he jokes and shrugs off his apologies.

Powers and abilities


  • Magic: Having been the one who taught John magic and helped him study the occult, turning him into a master sorcerer, and a former member of the Newcastle Crew, it is safe to assume that Anne Marie is quite accomplished in Magic. However, despite being apparently an advanced and powerful sorcerer, she is apparently not Constantine's equal in magic, as she was unwilling to begin her investigation to find Diego without John.
    • Light magic: Anne Marie, being a nun of the Catholic Church, is proficient in the use of light magic, which is her commonly practiced magic, as it is connected to God and positive energy.
      • Exorcism: Anne Marie has shown the ability to exorcise a powerful demon from John's body. Anne's exorcism technique seems to be more traditional than John's, as she reads from the Bible and splashes holy water in the process. According to John, her exorcism is especially strong due to the religious epiphany she experienced, allowing her to request God's divine power and banish dark beings in his name.
    • Dark magic: In her early years alongside John Constantine, she was known for having learned black magic lore and is thus capable of performing spells of dark magic origin, although she prefers light magic much more due to having become a nun and thus her abilities in dark magic are unknown.
    • Bilocation: Anne Marie is capable of casting a spell that allows her to be in two places at the same time as a projection. She is able to project a physical and unstable form of her body. She used this ability to contact John while she was in Mexico.


  • Occult knowledge: Anne Marie has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural.
  • Religious lore: Anne Marie has extensive knowledge of the lore of God and the Catholic Church, knowing certain prayers and light magic spells by heart.
  • Basic Marksmanship/Pistols: Anne Marie was able to fire a pistol, trying to protect herself and the babies from Invunche. When John advised not to do that, she apologized and shot him instead, leaving John as bait for Invunche.