Anne "Annie" Marie Flynn is a former member of the Newcastle Crew and a nun. She is also the ex-lover of John Constantine.


Anne Marie met John when they were both teenagers. She was present when John unintentionally damned Astra's soul to Hell. Anne was traumatized by this, so she became a nun, in order to pay for her sins. Since the incident she grew a strong hatred towards John. She also blames herself for introducing John to magic.

Powers and abilities


  • Magic: Anne Marie taught John magic and helped him study the occult.
    • Bi-location: Anne Marie has the ability to be in two places at the same time. She is able to project a physical and unstable form of her body. She used this ability to contact John while she was in Mexico.
    • Exorcism: Although possibly not as skilled as John, Anne Marie has shown the ability to exorcise a powerful demon from John's body. Anne's exorcism technique seems to be more traditional than John's, as she reads from the bible and splashes holy water in the process.


  • Occult knowledge: Anne Marie has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural.



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