Anna Loring[1] (died May 2014) was the fiancée of Ray Palmer.


Protection from The Pilgrim

After The Pilgrim went after the loved ones of the Legends, Anna was extracted from history, being held in Ray's quarters aboard the Waverider.[2]


After Slade Wilson's army stormed Starling City, Ray and Anna were caught in the crossfire of their assault. Unable to escape, Ray attempted to fight back, but his leg was broken. He was unable to do anything but watch as Slade's forces proceeded to go after Anna, snapping her neck.[3]


Anna's death was incentive for her fiancé, Ray Palmer; this was ultimately what led Ray down the path that would lead him to eventually become the vigilante known as the Atom.



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Behind the scenes

  • Anna's surname is a reference to Jean Loring, Ray Palmer's wife in the DC comics. A different Jean Loring previously appeared in Arrow and she and Anna may be related.


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