AmerTek Industries Ltd., or simply AmerTek, is an oil and gas company located in Star City. It has 12 subsidiaries, including Atomic Defensive Systems.


AmerTek Industries was incorporated on December 4, 1975, and employs over 20,000 people.[1]

AmerTek Industries produced a phase three suppression door to keep the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond behind in the Central City Museum.[2]

In late 2016, AmerTek helped to cover the expenses for a free medical clinical event organised by mayor Oliver Queen. While initially hesitant due to potential violence at the event, Oliver offered to indemnify AmerTek and put on extra security. At the same time, due to AmerTek's stock prices plummeting due to connections to the devastation at Havenrock, CEO Janet Carroll began selling weapons to crime lord Tobias Church.[3]

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  • In the DC comics, AmerTek Industries is a military industrial firm company. It is the former place of employment for John Henry Irons, the true identity of the superhero Steel


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