Amanda Westfield (born Morrison, first name unknown) is the former mistress of the late Justin Claybourne and the mother of the late Simon Morrison.


In around 1986, a woman, surnamed Morrison, conceived a son with her boss Justin Claybourne, and gave birth to him,[1] naming him Simon. She eventually changed her name to "Amanda Westfield".[2]

Around 26 years later, Amanda attended Justin's funeral after he was killed by The Hood.[3]

In 2017, Amanda was visited by Oliver Queen in her home in Opal City, who she recognized as the mayor of Star City. He asked for her son's name, explaining how he was believed to be a serial killer, but she refused to give it to him, considering it justified.[3]

After Team Arrow came looking for Amanda, she had been moved by Simon, now known as Adrian Chase.[2]



Season 5

Season 6


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