"Kara, my brave daughter. By now you have become the woman I knew you would grow up to be. And though you were sent to Earth to protect young Kal-El, your destiny is not tied to his. There is no correct path in life. You will lose your way many times. What's important is that you find your way back to the brave girl you always were. Be wise, be strong and always be true to yourself."
—Alura's message to Kara Zor-El[src]

Alura Zor-El (died 1979) was the mother of Kara Zor-El and wife of Zor-El, as well as one of the most influential judicators (judges) of Krypton.


Early life

Alura was born on the planet Krypton a number of decades before its destruction. She and her sister, Astra, were one of the rare cases of twin birth recorded on the planet. When they were children, Alura and Astra took pleasure in confusing their parents, due to their almost identical appearance.[1]

As an adult, Alura become a judicator and was put in charge of administering justice in the maximum-security prison Fort Rozz (prison).[2] She fell in love with a member of the science guild named Zor-El, who she later married. Eventually she gave birth to a daughter, Kara.

Alura telling Kara that she had the heart of a hero

Alura telling Kara that she had the heart of a hero.

Coming home late after sentencing a Hellgrammite who had been brought to the citadel, Alura went into Kara's room, asking her why she was still up. After being told by her daughter that she simply wanted to see her, Alura went on to explain why she had been working so late when asked by Kara. When Kara mentioned that she wanted to help people like Alura did one day, Alura told her that she would, as she had the heart of a hero.[1]

Sentencing Astra to Fort Rozz

Astra and Non's trial

Alura sentenced Astra and Non to imprisonment in Fort Rozz (prison).

After Astra learned that Krypton was dying because of its resources being too heavily exploited, she tried to prevent it by rebelling against the government and committing several extreme crimes to the point that her husband and second-in-command Non killed a guard while under her command. Knowing Kara was the only person Astra would trust enough to meet, Alura suggested to Kara that she use her spy beacon to contact her aunt.[3] When Astra came to see Kara, Alura pleaded with her sister to turn herself in, promising to speak to the council on her behalf. However, Astra refused to stop her plans, and Alura had her arrested.[4] Despite the fact that they were family, Alura sentenced both her sister and brother-in-law, Non, to prison in Fort Rozz.[1] Before sending Astra to Fort Rozz, Alura told her sister that she believed about Krypton's impending destruction. However, she was "bound by more than blood in [the] courtroom", and Astra's actions resulted in several deaths, which left Alura with no choice but the sentence her sister to prison. However, she promised Astra that she would do everything she could to carry on her work, but the right way, with compassion and understanding rather than violence and fear. Bidding her sister a final farewell, Alura regretfully sent her sister to Fort Rozz.

Sending Kara to Earth

Zor-El and Alura say goodbye to Kara

Zor-El and Alura say goodbye to Kara.

Alura and her husband, Zor-El, sent their daughter Kara to Earth as their home planet was dying. Before sending her off, Alura told Kara that the trip would be long, but that she would sleep for most of it and that they'd be with her in her dreams, mentioning to Kara that'd she have extraordinary abilities on Earth, due to its yellow sun. She gave Kara her necklace before the latter boarded her ship, leaving right before the planet self destructed.[2]

Guide on Earth

Alura's hologram talking to Kara

Alura's hologram talking to Kara.

After battling her aunt Astra and saving Alex and "Director Henshaw", Alex revealed to Kara that a program downloaded from Kara's pod contained an A.I. in the holographic form of her mother who Kara would be able to seek advice and speak with,[1] however, most of the time the program is unresponsive and refuses to divulge classified information.


Kara initially looked up to Alura believing her to be a hero (unaware of her mother's true nature at the time), however, years after her death, Kara finally learned the truth, of what kind of person her mother truly was, from her aunt, Astra who revealed that her sister used her as a means to arrest her aunt. Kara become enraged of her mothers deception over her.

As time goes on, Kara discovers that Alura was not the "best woman ever" as she believed, due to Alura's manipulation of her, to arrest Astra and her failure to save Krypton from destruction. However, Kara still greatly loves and misses her mother.

Kara has kept a few of the objects she had left of her mother, of which she cherishes. Alura gave her necklace to Kara when she was escaping Krypton's destruction. Since then Kara has always worn Alura's necklace, until she gave it to Mon-El when he was forced to leave Earth (because of an lead bomb). Over the course of the series, Kara as repeatedly talked to her Mothers hologram, displaying that she still loves, trusts and believes in her mother.

Alura like Astra and Alex are some of the few who believed Kara "has the heart of a hero" whilst she was growing up. Alura was very loving and held great belief in what her daughter could become. In times of despair, Kara has held onto this to believe in herself to be a hero.

In Medusa, J'onn told Kara that her "parents legacy is not death and destruction, it's you".


Initially, Alura appeared to be a kind, caring, selfless and moral individual, who her daughter thought of as "the best woman who ever lived". However, as Kara learned more about her mother, she realized that like most people she was not perfect. Her adherence to the law led her to manipulate her daughter Kara in order to draw her sister Astra out of hiding to be arrested for murder. Though she imprisoned her sister and her subordinates for killing people during their cause to save Krypton, she took up the role to save Krypton as she too believed Krypton was dying due to Kryptonian's draining the natural resources causing an unstable core. However, years later Kara believes her mother let Krypton die via inaction. 

Though she has a strong moral compass and adherence to justice and the law, she will resort to manipulation to complete her goal. Evidenced when she manipulated her daughter Kara, to draw her sister Astra out of hiding to be arrested for murder. Though she sentenced her sister to Fort Rozz for murder (during her mission to save Krypton from Kryptonian's draining natural resources, leading to an unstable core), she told her sister she would carry on the mission, but "without fear, manipulation or violence instead through compassion and reason". Therefore, she demonstrates her morality even in the face of death and destruction unlike Astra and Non. In addition, she showed compassion and unconditional love as she sent Astra to Fort Rozz.

Alura failed in saving Krypton, and as a result had to send Kara to Earth at the moment of Krypton's destruction in order to save her life. Kara later noted that the reason Alura made no attempt to save herself was because she felt guilty for what had happened to Krypton, blaming herself for not having done more, and saw dying with the planet as honorable.[5]

Though like many of her fellow Kryptonians she held their typical traits such as self-righteousness and a sense of superiority because she looked down on Daxamites, as her A.I claimed them to be bullies.

Though she holds some negative qualities, her strongest are her adherence to justice and law, sense of morality and her love of her family, especially her daughter Kara. 

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: Normally, like all Kryptonians, Alura's capabilities were no greater than a normal human of her physical conditioning. However, if she had been charged by the energy of a blue or yellow sun and metabolized into her body, she would have become able to perform various inhuman feats. However this never happened as she wasn't ever exposed to a sun different to the the Kryptonians' natural red one.


  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer: Alura was a highly respected judicator, put in charge of administering justice in Krypton's maximum-security prison, Fort Rozz. Her ability to use the legal system to her advantage allowed her help others and herself both inside and outside the court, serving as an exemple for her daughter, Kara. However she was also a gifted tactician and a ruthless manipulator, perfectly able to deceive even her loved ones in order to achieve her ends.
  • Multilingual: Alura was capable of fluently speaking English and Kryptonese.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, her full maiden name is Alura In-Ze, as most depictions of Kryptonian culture show that females use their father's full name as their last names before marriage.