The individual known only as Dr. "Alphonse Luzano" is a former alien convict imprisoned on Fort Rozz marked as "Prisoner #2445" who, after his escape, began to live a peaceful life as a college professor of astronomy.


Early life and time in Fort Rozz

The unnamed alien was born on the planet Starhaven.[1] He was sentenced to 18 years for drug trafficking - a crime he turned to in order to get the money to save the life of his sick wife. He was imprisoned on Fort Rozz and became "Prisoner #2445".[1]


When Fort Rozz crashed on Earth he escaped masquerading as a human college professor who taught astronomy named Dr. "Alphonse Luzano". The Master Jailer confronted #2445, demanding him to show himself, and knocked him down when he attempted to flee before he was interrupted by Supergirl. Ignoring her question about his identity, he attacked her with chains, which she dodged by shooting into the air. They fought and Kara gained a slight upper hand. The Master Jailer managed to tangle her in chains, and by the time she burned her way out with heat vision, both he and the escapee has fled.[1]

Later, Kara was taken prisoner and found herself in a cage without her powers, while Luzano pointed out the artificial red sun radiation that was suppressing her powers. He declined to answer why he was in Fort Rozz (prison) at first, but then talked about his past leading to how he tried to get into drug smuggling for his ailing wife but was caught on his first run. When Fort Rozz (prison) (prison) landed on Earth, he only wanted a good life and taught his students about the stars, which reminded Kara of Astra. Kara promised to get them out of here, but the Master Jailer appeared and said she would not. The Master Jailer told Kara he was continuing Alura's vision of justice, and prepared to execute Luzano. Kara begged him not to do it and he realized he would have to kill her too. Luzano asked the Master Jailer to let Kara go, but he denied the request. Kara asked Luzano to look at her but he was resigned to his fate. D.E.O. agents blew up the top of Master Jailer's ship and attacked him. He gained the upper hand and forced Alex onto the guillotine, but she fired more shots into the ceiling, allowing yellow sunlight to shine in and recharge Kara, who fought and finally defeated the Master Jailer. Kara brings Luzano back to where he belongs. Luzano asked what they're going to do with him. Kara brought him back to his school, saying he's served his sentence and he had students to teach.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Alphonse Luzano is a criminal scientist, who Supergirl met and fought in the "Way of the World" story arc.