"You will fly to Starling City carrying death itself."
—Ra's al Ghul referring to the bio weapon as death[src]

Alpha-Omega (Chinese: 阿尔法欧米茄 Ā'ěrfǎ ōumǐjiā) also known under the symbols α-Ω, is a deadly Bio Weapon. It was created by BTHK Biotech in Hong Kong. It consists of two corresponding parts; Alpha and Omega. General Matthew Shrieve used it to kill thousands of innocent people in Hong Kong including Akio Yamashiro. Later Maseo Yamashiro handed over the bio weapon to Ra's al Ghul which Nyssa al Ghul hid it in the handle of her weapon. After capturing Nyssa, Ra's gave the virus to Oliver telling him to destroy his city. Ra's used it to kill many innocent people of Starling City but they were cured by Ray Palmer with his nano-tech.


After getting both the Alpha and Omega General Shrieve mixed the virus and made it ready to launch over Hong Kong. Oliver Queen, Maseo Yamashiro and Tatsu Yamashiro tried to retrieve the bio weapon but they found out it was just for a distraction. When Oliver tried to retrieve it to Hong Kong market place the bio weapon fell on ground and created a huge viral outbreak.[1] Many innocent people died including Tatsu's son Akio Yamashiro.[2]

Few days after the outbreak Maseo journeyed to Nanda Parbat and gave the virus to Ra's al Ghul[2]. Nyssa however, stole it and kept it hidden in the handle of her sword[3]. Ra's had Oliver unleash the virus on Starling City as the latter's final ascension as Ra's al Ghul. Oliver resisted but Ra's escaped with the virus and unleashed the Alpha-Omega on Starling City. Ray Palmer however, cured the people who were infected with his nano-tech.[4]

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Season 3


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