"Apologies, won't be but a minute. If you have the opportunity, please advise your mayor next time someone threatens to launch a ballistic missile at his city, he really should pay up."
—Alex Faust to Green Arrow[src]

Alex Faust is a terrorist and member of Black Siren's group. He was instrumental in the group's attack on Star City and Team Arrow.


Alex was a professional terrorist known to both SCPD and Team Arrow. At some point after the fall of Prometheus, he and a group of highly trained mercenaries appeared at Star City docks and launched a MGM-140 missile, demanding ransom at the risk of destroying the city hall and surrounding buildings. Alex was caught by Green Arrow, but remained confident that the vigilante could not disarm or disable the missile. Unfortunately for the terrorist, Mr Terrific's T-Sphere allowed him to access the missile's targeting mechanism and redirect it towards a safer target.[1]

Alex was then taken into police custody, where he was interrogated on how he managed to buy a missile and hire highly expensive mercenaries. Alex asked for a can of soda to jog his mind, but was ultimately able to turn the soda can into a weapon, attacking his interrogating officer and making a makeshift explosive to bomb the Star City Police Department, right on schedule for Black Siren's group. Black Siren arrived at the scene, complimenting Faust on his work, to which he replied that he was humbled to serve such professionals. The bombing of SCPD later allowed Black Siren's team to launch an attack on Arrowcave, which Alex also joined as her prime lieutenant.[1]

Faust continued his operations in Star City, becoming a high priority target for Team Arrow. Led by the new Green Arrow, John Diggle, the team apprehended Alex and his allies, with Wild Dog making sure that Alex be taken down, with "no more bombs for him" to go back to.[2]


Alex an "evil genius" in his own right, having great pride in his terrorist activities and never losing his cool in face of danger. He showed immense pleasure in his craft, laughing giddily as his makeshift bomb was ready to explode. He has also shown loyalty to Laurel Lance, calling his designs mere "humble work" when she praised his skills. Alex has a tendency to speak in complex, "sophisticated" terms, often addressing his enemies and captors in a sarcastic manner.[1]


  • High-level intellect: Alex has extensive knowledge of explosives and weaponry, using his talents for running a terrorist cell.[1]
  • Explosives expert: Alex is incredibly skilled and resourceful with explosives, having stuff on his self that can turn a soda can into a bomb in no time.[1]
  • Knowledge of weaponry: Alex was able to set up and operate a military-grade MGM-140 missile.[1]
  • High tolerance for pain: Alex was able to survive being near the center point of the explosion and was back on his feet when Black Siren's men came in to SCPD.[1]
  • Skilled leadership: Alex inspired loyalty into fellow terrorists under his command.[1][2]


  • Explosive components: Alex has a number of hidden containers on his body, keeping explosive reagents for makeshift bombs.[1]



Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • Although Alex Faust is not a character from DC Comics continuity, he shares his surname and certain similarities in looks and personality with the comics villain Felix Faust, who has also been adapted in Constantine. Both the terrorist and the comics character are primarily referred to as "Faust" by other characters, rather than by their given names.


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