"Thank you."
—Accelerated Man to Gypsy about the breacher[src]

"Accelerated Man" is a speedster native to Earth Nineteen, and an overseer of the law-enforcing Collectors of Earth Nineteen, including "Gypsy".


After "Gypsy" tracked down a breacher on Earth Two, she returned to Earth Nineteen, confirming to Accelerated Man that she'd caught her, handing him her photos before he sped away.[1]

Powers and abilities


Accelerated Man speeding away

Accelerated Man running is emphasized by a trail of purple lightning.

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: It remains unclear on whether Earth Nineteen had a Particle Accelerator explosion or how he gained his abilities, but what's conspicuous is that with his apparent display of super speed, He has somewhat of a connection to the Speed Force that has possibly granted him access to the Multiverse.
    • Superhuman speed: "Accelerated Man" has displayed his ability of superhuman speeds. The full limit of his capabilities is currently unknown.[1]
      • Interdimensional Travel: This ability becomes a relatively useful ability among speed conduits, however it remains unclear if he was able to pass the minimum threshold of speed required to create a breach allowing him to temporarily stabilize the inter-dimensional "corridors" that linked any one breach on Earth nineteen with a corresponding breach on Earth Two, or if it was created from an external source.[1]
      • Electrokinesis: As is with any other speed conduits with access to the speed force, Accelerated Man emits bolts of lightning when tapping into the Speed Force. However, purple lightning generation is only produced by him and uniquely enough, he is currently the only known individual in the multi-verse that generates the color. It is currently unknown if he has achieved this distinct coloration through speed enhancements, through a superior tether to the Speed Force, or from another unknown source that isn't of the Speed Force.[1]


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